OPUS   request space in The University Union or The WELL   

OPUS   request space in The University Union or The WELL 

OPUS allows on-campus organizations to make a room request but it does not guarantee you space. 
When you receive a tentative contract, you can then be assured that you have the room(s) reserved.

Campus Departments may begin submitting WELL reservation requests on the following dates:

  • November 12th - Begin submitting Spring (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May) 2020 reservations
  • March 30th - Begin submitting Summer(June/July/August) 2020 reservations
  • June 1st - Begin submitting Fall (Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec) 2020 reservations

The WELL is currently accepting reservations through May 2020. Please see our website for the full details of The WELL's Priority Scheduling: thewellatsacstate.com/book-the-well/facility-reservations



It is (Almost) Time to Submit Your Semester Requests for SPRING 2020


On Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 6:30am, the University Union Event Services Office will begin accepting requests for space for general meetings for the Spring Semester, 2020. Student organization priority scheduling, will be given to requests received between Wednesday, 11/6/19 and Tuesday, 11/20/19.  Student organization requests received during the priority period will be processed prior to any other requests from the campus community and are processed in the order they are received.


Any request submitted before 6:30am will be declined and will need to be re-submitted after 6:30 am to be considered for priority scheduling


Please submit requests in person using the request form provided on the Event Services website or online using OPUS (If you do not have an account, please create one by 4pm the day before in order to use OPUS) at https://vems.uu.csus.edu/

Requests submitted after November 20th will be processed in the order they are received along with all other requests from the campus and community.

***During construction we are working closely with the contractor to make every effort to minimize disruptions to meeting, however, you may still experience some ambient noise. If at any time you feel that the noise level in your meeting room is such that your event cannot proceed, please contact us immediately by calling the Information Desk at 278-6997. We apologize for the inconvenience of construction and appreciate your patience as we work to improve your University Union.